Surveillance operations

One of the main goals of any private investigation relates to the evidence found: the private investigator is measured by the quality of the evidence delivered to his client. This will serve him at the moment of truth, when confronting the object of the investigation- whether face to face or during legal proceedings. Professional surveillance operations, carried out by the Reshet Investigations personnel, will get you the highest quality of evidence one can get.

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Surveillance is an art in every aspect

Surveillance is a tool used by quite a few professionals in various fields- The Intelligence Corps, police, IDF, General Security Services and so on. The private investigator utilizes this art as well in order to retrieve substantial personal details about a person and gain incriminating evidence against him. However, this type of art cannot be carried out perfectly by just anyone. A great deal of experience and proficiency in the field are required to succeed at achieving these goals.

Surveillance comprises complete camouflage in the field, tracing the subject’s actions without arousing his suspicion, reducing distance to a minimum and, at times, even planting advanced surveillance devices or recording the person. All this can only possible for a top-caliber professional.

The personnel at Reshet Investigations are renowned experts in this field. We carry out discrete and camouflaged surveillance, without compromising on the retrieval of substantial information and obtaining the most critical evidence for the success of the procedure. With our help, any surveillance, of any person- in and outside the country- will produce the required results. 


The Reshet Investigations agency is engaged in all types of investigations, from open, non-confidential investigations to planting undercover agents anywhere in the world. The agency’s personnel comprises experts who specialize in surveillance operations and exposing scams, with a rich history of exposing cheating partners in matrimonial cases.
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