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Your husband refuses to grant you a Get? You cannot locate him? Waiting for years for the divorce agreement?

Women who are refused a Get (divorce) are in a simply intolerable situation. They cannot move on with their life, cannot- by law! – get married again and just cannot remove the refusing husband from their lives, however much they would like to. This situation is frustrating, infuriating, exhausting and depressing, and such women may sometimes deal with it for years. With the help of the experienced investigators at Reshet Investigations, they can finally put an end to this.

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What does the term ‘a chained wife’ (Isha Aguna) mean?

Even today, all Jewish citizens of Israel marry according to the Jewish religious laws (‘Halacha’). Beyond the implications this has on the nature of the wedding ceremony and the married life, these laws also have a strong influence over the divorce procedure.

Both these procedures- marriage and divorce- are carried out according to the instructions of the rabbinical courts. Accordingly, partners who wish to divorce must sign a divorce agreement. After the completion of the procedure, the husband grants his wife a ‘Get’, which functions as the approval that the divorce has become effective and that both parties agree to it. Only following the grant of the Get will the rabbinical court officially and irrevocably approve the divorce.

The religious laws determine that a woman who was not granted a Get from her husband is still considered married, even if the husband’s duties to her are not fulfilled. Because she is still married, she cannot remarry nor have a relationship with another person- as she will then be considered an adulterer. Such a situation, in which the man decides whether or not to grant a divorce, leads many women to face an impossible situation.

Locating husbands who refuse to grant their wives a Get (divorce) quickly- across the globe

There are many reasons why a man would refuse to grant a divorce: ranging from the difficulty to accept the divorce itself or the conditions of its agreement, through the desperate need to remain the wife’s sole partner, to attempting to take revenge on the wife- there is no shortage in motivations.

The biggest problem in such cases is not only convincing the husband to sign the agreement and grant his wife a divorce; that is actually the easiest task. The greatest difficulty lies in the refusing husband ‘lowering his profile’ – disappearing and making it difficult to track him down. For the ordinary man, particularly ‘a chained wife’ who has to move on with her life, finding him may become an unbearable task. 

However, this doesn’t mean it’s better to give up

.Many women attempt to find the refusing husband for a long time and convince him to sign the divorce agreement, but after seeing how difficult and exhausting the process is, they simply give up and go on with their lives as ‘chained wives.’

That is the wrong decision to make. With the help of the Reshet Investigations agency’s skilled team of investigators, it is possible to locate these reluctant husbands.

Our personnel are highly skilled at tracking down individuals and are capable of uncovering the hiding place of any person, anywhere in the world.

This is not the time to give up- contact us soon!

Even when you feel all hope is lost and there is nothing more to do, don’t give up. There is no reason for you to stay in this insufferable situation any longer. Our thorough, dexterous investigation, following the refusing husband’s trail, will eventually lead to tracking him down. Upon finding him, signing the divorce agreement will be quicker and easier.

The Reshet Investigations’ personnel are able to locate any person, whether in Israel or abroad, thanks to their lengthy experience in the field and the advanced equipment at their disposal. The agency’s personnel view this task as having the utmost importance, and it is your chance for a fresh start in life.

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