Legal opinion & an expert court witness

How can a legal opinion from an expert witness help in a case of legal dispute with the state? When should you present an expert witness to the court? How do experienced lawyers choose an expert in computer?

By law, in cases of legal dispute where the court does not have the background, experience or knowledge required to reach an unequivocal decision, the judge has the authority to require an external opinion. At times, lawyers too chose such opinions to persuade the judge and substantiate their claims. In each of these cases it is important to carefully choose the person who provides the opinion – and the person who will testify before the court as an expert witness.

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Legal opinion and an expert court witness with Reshet Investigations

We can assign you an expert in cyber investigations. If you wish to increase your chances of success in court, we would be happy to coordinate you with a certificate professional expert witness and allow you to consult a Web Investigation Specialist even on a short notice.

The benefits of legal opinion

Court-approved opinions can help in cases of dispute with the state or with a citizen. For instance, in case of a dispute in the computer domain, both the judge and the disputed parties, are likely to lack the necessary professional knowledge. This is where the witness's expertise is needed and, of course, his signed opinion.

Cases where it is useful to present an expert witness

We recommend that you consult an expert in cyber investigations on any issues for which this is relevant. In practice, this means that a person with an expert witness certificate can be used to deal with wiretapping issues, computer offenses, information theft and so on, or to use it to check the feasibility of filing a claim. Consultation with an expert witness and obtaining a legal opinion are part of the tools available to both the citizen and the representing attorney.

Selecting an expert witness for a representing attorney

A legal opinion service by an expert witness is essential for lawyers representing clients in various cyber fields. However, even the most experienced lawyer is not necessarily aware of the characteristics of computer crimes and their features. Therefore, it is advisable for an attorney to select an expert in web investigations and tangent areas – and to ensure he has an expert witness certificate to help establish his opinion in court.

When it comes to Web Investigations - you don’t have to be left alone

An expert witness from Reshet Investigations can help you and your attorney deal with all types of cyber and computer offenses. If you like to coordinate legal opinion service with a court expert, please leave your details bellown.

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