Information Science

How intelligence gathering and analysis from the web is done? What is the connection between networking and criminal investigations? What can I do with the results of the investigation?

This current era is characterized by massive amounts of available information and an absence of controlled filtering system. As a result, the way to gather and analyze intelligence requires the use of web intelligence and analytic tools. Thus, we are able to help with various types of criminal investigations and, if necessary, reveal users and profiles on the Internet. An effective web information investigation will enable identification of linked objects from different sectors.

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The web is Our Workspace

In any scenario you encounter, Reshet Investigations custom a professional web intelligence investigation system for you. Our added value stems from a high level of expertise in web investigations, network exposure, and intelligence gathering online.

Tools for Web Information Investigation

Information investigation begins by creating databases. Through these databases we can accurately and specifically find information about different types of objects in Israel and around the world, reveal their relationships and draw conclusions. Another aspect of the web allows us to use tools like social networks, search engines and databases that are accessible and open to the public. If necessary, we assemble a filed inquiry team, to gather information that does not exist on records.

Steps to Conducting an Effective Investigation

An effective web information investigation is carried out with accordance to predefined goals. Once the goals have been set, we are able to proceed to a filed inquiry, collect information from various databases and enter the data into advanced analytic software. The next step requires a qualified information specialist – a human factor – who has the knowledge and the ability to link and connect the various elements gathered. A capable human factor is also required to reveal network of profiles and identify object relationships.

Using Information Science in Web Investigation for Criminal Investigations

Information science investigation provides a unique response in criminal investigations. Information specialist (or Informationist) can use the knowledge gained in computer work to monitor and expose hacking attempts in advanced information systems. These attempts become a criminal offense when they are directed at public bodies, security systems and government companies` thus, leading to collaboration between Information specialist services of data collection and analysis and law enforcement agencies

What is unique about web intelligence gathering and analysis services?

The service focuses on collecting and analyzing intelligence from the web is provided by qualified private investigation agency due to its special characteristics. Although the information on social networks and search engines is available to everyone, investigative specialists are able to concentrate it and create an admissible in court document. It should also be emphasized that all information gathering operations are governed by the law and ethics rules – which the ordinary user is not always aware of.

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Reshet Investigations perform any investigation under the law, going undercover on filed inquiries to find off-records information, all to provide a leverage for you. We are committed to a high standard of web intelligence research services and invite you to leave details to get answers to additional questions. Your next step is to leave your details bellow and we will contact you soon.

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