Computer & Cellular Investigations

What are the characteristics of computer and cellphone use? What are digital evidences? When are wiretaps performed?

The computer and the cellular device are communicative means that can also be used to gather information, work and convey messages. As a result, both the computers and the cellphones are exposed to hacks and risks. Computer and cellular investigations should be conducted when a suspicion arises of leaking information, or proactively and as part of industrial espionage.

Leaking information can happen through a company employee, an agent provocateur or remote penetration to database and delicate information. These investigations are intended to reveal computer crimes as they exist – and this would be the right time to have a look at the services we can provide in this filed.

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The Characteristics of Computer and Cellphone Investigation

Your computer and cellphone allow you to do a lot of things via their Internet connection. Once the mobile or stationary device is connected to the Internet, it becomes a smart device that can deliver and receive information. But, the Internet connection is also what makes computers and cellular devices exposed to hacking, information theft, industrial espionage and many other offenses

Effective Investigative Tools

The good news is that nowadays many tools are available to coordinate computer and cellular investigations in a completely discreet manner. The purpose of the investigation is mainly to collect forensics, but then also use them to formulate a claim or defense in a legally acceptable document. A professional investigation and usage of legal tools are in line with the Forensic principles.

What is the Relation between Forensics and Computer Investigations?

Currently in forensics, a complex analysis of computer crime events is performed. Just as a physical forensic burglary investigation is preformed, digital evidences that are difficult to challenge can also be gathered online, on computers and communication systems. The degree of credibility and evidence-base determines the difference between forensic and ordinary investigation and characterizes the new tools of computer and cellular investigations.

Situations where an investigation is worthwhile

Gathering digital evidence in computer, communicative devices, Internet and cellular investigations is conducted various situations. First, the investigation is important when there is a concern for leaking information from security systems or government organizations. 

Second, the investigation can be performed actively to initiate industrial espionage, or passively in order to defend it. An investigation involving wiretapping is common in economic oriented investigations and is implemented in many types of surveillance.


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