Doing business in Israel and looking to know more about your partners there? Interested in information about your competition in Israel? Seeking important details about a person living in Israel?

The ‘Reshet Investigations’ detective agency is at your service. With years of international experience in the world of private investigations and undercover security, we have all the tools needed to get you the information you seek and the security you require. All the while working in the most honest, reliable and legal way you could ask for.

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Because for us, professionalism is above all else.

The agency's directors have come a long way in the field independently and decided to join forces in order to provide you, our client overseas, the best service to be found in Israel. The combination of Reshet Investigations' personnel's professionalism and rich experience in various fields, together with our ability to carry out operations anywhere in the world, will present you with a wide range of services and provide you with the results you are looking for. All with the utmost speed and quality.

We are well aware that aside from the quality of the investigation and its results, the service given to the client is of high importance as well. Therefore, we make sure to provide the most personal and devoted service possible in this field, while maintaining discreetness, secrecy and the client's privacy, preventing exposure of his private details at all costs.

Our Main Services


Carrying out discreet and undercover surveillance operations of various subjects, in Israel and abroad, in order to obtain significant information and gather evidence. The surveillance operations are carried out legally and elegantly, while remaining covert.

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Financial investigations

Examining suspicions of embezzlement within the company, proof of ownership, tracking accounts and more. We assist in cases of unpaid debts, present incriminating evidence in cases of bankruptcy and ones involving the Execution Proceedings Office in Israel, and establish a complete financial overview of a person's assets a well.

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Sea transport

Gathering essential evidence concerning an existing or future partner operating out of Israel. Establishing a comprehensive financial overview of the business competition in the Israeli market. Obtaining significant numerical and budget-related data regarding competing firms and more.

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Undercover security

When in Israel, 'Keeping an eye' on the client from afar, warning against potential dangers, gathering information concerning existing threats, creating an efficient security strategy, establishing a security network around the client, in accordance with the threats he may face.

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Further services offered to our clients

Whether you are searching for important information or seeking to obtain details about a specific issue- we have all the tools you need. Our first-rate service and professional work make us one of Israel's leading private investigation agencies, highly skilled at carrying out investigation operations everywhere - and from anywhere - across the globe. We have the power and skills to assist you. All you need to do is contact us.

Personal investigations

Intelligence gathering

Handling surveillance and detective agents

Tracking and delivering sensitive information

Matrimonial investigations (cheating partners)

Tracking information on the internet